Vear, Inc.
Vear, Inc.
  • the vulcan project - work in progress

    After a year of owning Pix4D and aerial mapping over 100 crash sites, we decided to tackle the Vulcan statue. This was performend with 2 licensed pilots and 2 visual observers. We are currently processing almost 1000 photographs to create a digital model of Vulcan. 


     When we were looking into purchasing Pix4d, we found this video of the digitization of Christ the Redeemer in Rio  de Janeiro, Brazil. Once I saw that, I knew I wanted to do the same with the Vulcan statue in Birmingham. I have been driving past Vulcan my entire life (50+ years).

    Thank You!!!

     We express our sincere gratitude to Mr.  Joe Saling , Ms. Morgan Black at everyone at the Vulcan Park Museum.
    Footage captured with approval from Vulcan Park and Museum.
    FAA authorization was also obtained.